Jeff Jabbers

Jeff started off playing guitar in his family band when he was just a teenager. Their gospel group played all over the south at churches and festivals. After marrying his childhood sweetheart and starting a family of his own, Jeff laid down the guitar for a while to pursue a career in the military. After the kids got a little bit older and he settled into his blueprint business, Jeff began playing music again but this time decided on bass as his main instrument. After years of searching for the perfect instrument he stumbled upon his prized possession, the Azola electric upright bass. Bill and Temperance call it the "bass from space". The previous owner just happened to be Allison Kraus's brother, Victor. Jeff likes to think a little of Victor's mojo is still left in the bass and comes to life when he plays.

One night, Jeff went out to a Bill and Temperance show at Highland Village and was immediately drawn to their sweet harmonies,tight rhythms and material selection. He had been looking for a small group to join and thought this might be a great fit. Little did he know that Bill and Temperance had been auditioning bass players for months. Jeff ended up sending Bill an email and they set up a jam session. After just one hour of rehearsing, Jeff was invited to play their next show but he refused on the grounds that he needed more practice and didn't want to embarrass himself or Bill and Temperance. That's when Temperance told Bill that Jeff needed to be a permanent member of the band. Jeff has been a member of Bill and Temperance since 2011.

On a side note, Jeff says that he mainly thinks about Bill and Temperance stuff when he is in the shower. I thought that was funny.  We love Jeff like a family member and now refuse to play shows without him because he has added so much to our sound.








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